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Catalog # : 522196 Garrett-Ossoff-Pilling® Laryngoscope, Adult Extra-long


The new Garrett-Ossoff-Pilling Laryngoscope helps surgeons focus on critical anatomy during procedures in a range of patient sizes, and is designed for patients with a greater distance between their teeth and vocal cords.
• Extended reach for a range of patient sizes and anatomies
• Light carrier is flush and parallel to the handle to help keep light cables out of the way
• Scope channel shape helps visualize surgical space and allows instrument pass-through

522196: Garrett-Ossoff-Pilling Laryngoscope, Adult Extra-long Overall length 188 mm, Min Distal Opening 8.0 mm, Mouth Proximal Dims 25.0 mm x 15.0 mm, Replace Carrier 527868

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