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Catalog # : 506472 Jako-Kleinsasser Micro-Laryngeal Grasping Forceps


These Pilling® Micro-laryngeal Grasping Forceps were designed specifically for everyday-use micro-surgery. They feature slender 2 mm diameter stems with miniature distal jaws in the shape of grasping forceps and are made of dull finished stainless steel to reduce glare. Stems are angulated (5 degree bend at handle) for unobstructed vision and all have a 22 cm working length.

506472: Straight, very fine serrated, 5 degree bend, 22 cm

506470 Grasping forceps, curved left
506471 Grasping forceps, curved right
506475 Scissors, curved left
506476 Scissors, curved right
506477 Scissors, angled up
506478 Scissors, straight, vertical
506479 Scissors, straight, horizontal

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  • 5┬░ bend

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